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The new VW EOS offers the build quality and features of a luxurious model, making it a first choice for drop-top sun lovers, and it’s certainly one of the dream choices for those who crave for something different from the standard Audis, BMWs and Mercedes convertibles.


EOS Photos

The new EOS receives front fascia similar to Jetta, while its interior gets infotainment and climate controls. Volkswagen EOS is the world’s first hardtop roadster to have a power sunroof.


Its bi-xenon headlight is brighter than normal filament or halogen headlamps, helping to effectively see the future. The heated front seats keep you warm on chilly nights or cold mornings.

Some enticing pictures of the new VW EOS are presented below.


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  1. Kunal 4 years ago

    Hell yeah – we need some inspiration after all – we read boring tips and motivational quotes all day – this is indeed some real motivation 😉 Probably, i’d never buy an EOS but it really gives a kick & adrenaline rush to imagine owning a sexy convertible myself.

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