3 Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Writing a Blog


Blogging is a technique of promoting your business, a product or reviewing a product. You can write a blog with some humour in it so that it would be catchy. You must keep some of the important points in mind before writing an article. Article is not like writing an essay; there must be adequate information so that the reader gets all the needed details about the topic and eventually the traffic will be higher if the article is good. Here are three things which should be kept in mind while writing a blog.

keep in mind while writing a blog

Writing a Blog Is Not Like Writing an Essay

keep in mind while writing a blog

A blog post should be very informative. You must provide proper information about the topic you are going to write. There must not be more promotion of a product since it is too harmful. There must be a proper header, which must be differentiated from the text size and font of the article body. Usage of proper hyperlink is very important. Hyperlink must be used for keywords, which are catchy. You must post 2 to 3 related photos if the content is of 500 words; random capitalisation must be removed and proper punctuation should be used.

Evergreen Creation of Content Is the Best Way of Blogging

keep in mind while writing a blog

For evergreen content, you must avoid time-limiting phrases like “last week”, “last night”, “yesterday” as such words have extremely short life span. It’s fine to write behind-the-scene aspects in your article; according to a survey, such things are more appreciated by the audience. If you don’t want to write news that has short shelf life then you can standardise the format; it is not that mandatory.

It Will Be Silly to Ignore SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the biggest thing, which one must remember while blogging. Some might not know what SEO is. If so, get to know what this optimization is all about as it can go a long way in fetching amazing results for your blog.

keep in mind while writing a blog

These are the 3 important points to keep in mind while blogging. It will be very beneficial if you implement these in your blog.