4 Must-Learn Skills for Fresh Bloggers That They Must Understand before They Fail


The article is for those who are beginners in blogging with lot of aspirations and confidence to achieve something big in life. The prime pillar that will keep them sustaining in the journey is the continuous flow of quality content that helps them not only to attract visitors, but also to rank well in search engine results.

As a part of the blogging world, it’s very crucial to focus on ranking within the first three pages of Google. Does your blog have a healthy ranking? If not, this article will enlighten you about few standard SEO copywriting tricks that will help you to firm up your footprints in the market.

SEO Keywords Are Essential


Before writing, it’s very important that you select the appropriate keywords in your niche. You can use Google Keyword Planner tool to shortlist the keywords. The idea of stuffing the keywords extensively in the content may lead to a nightmare for the webmasters in a long run as Google never hesitates to dump the black hat modus operandi.

Content Is the Big Boss


As a fresher in blogging, it may not be right to expect top quality content from yourself. You can never expect that your write-ups will attract visitors right from the beginning. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Bring out the writer in you; it may take some time but work on it.

But meanwhile, try to write informative and unique content – avoid the short cuts & stay away from plagiarism.

With consistent effort, you will not only evolve as a quality writer but also as a successful entrepreneur.

Title Attracts


As a fresh blogger, try to understand the target market and relevant keywords. Place the keywords in the title. You can also use the keywords in the title tag area. It’s quite a coding aspect, but that is what Google pulls.

Choose an engaging and compelling title that sounds highly magnetizing such that the users cannot resist themselves from reading the post after looking at the title.

Meta Tags in Blogging

Meta tag generator

Meta tags are something that tell the search engine about your website or blog. Being a beginner, you must be highly particular and flexible about the tags you use. Tags play a vital role in making your blog searchable on the search engine.

Though the world of blogging is a limitless ocean that is open for many thoughtful experiments and technology implementations, it’s hoped that the above skills will help during the initial days of your journey and help you in building a strong foundation for your blog.