5 Tips to Create Awesome Pinterest Pins for Blog Marketing

pinterest pins for blog marketing

Many people may be thinking what these pins are or what Pinterest is. Bloggers will be more familiar with this concept. Pins are the visual bookmarks that one collects on a sheet or a board you can save pins you find on Pinterest or add new ones from your favourite websites. Whenever you just hover over it, the picture will get enlarged. Whenever one adds it on their website or blog, it will be more attractive and by this there will be more and more users who will be viewing your website or blog. These things attract web users a lot.

pinterest pins for blog marketing

Here are five tips to create awesome Pinterest pins for blog marketing.

Make Use of Rich Pins

pinterest pins for blog marketing

Making use of rich pins make the blog log good looking and marketing will be of higher strategies. There are many new high rich pins, which were introduced past year. There are many rich pins, which can make the information more understandable and more impressive such as article pin, which includes the author name and story description and link too, which helps the individual to get a good idea; for products, there is the product pin, which helps in knowing price, availability, and the quality of the product. For movie reviews, rating and cast members in the movie pins, these rich pins impress the users and bloggers will thus be benefitted. Nowadays, Pinterest pins have become more popular than before and users are more attracted because of the UI which is implemented.

Make Use of Tall Images

pinterest pins for blog marketing

Many scientists world-wide have worked on pins and came to the conclusion that making use of taller images will make greater way for success. Making use of these tall images will help out more for repining. Re-pinning is done just by hovering on the pin and clicking on the re-pin button.

Chrome Extension

pinterest pins for blog marketing

Pins with more information have another feature. Making use of this chrome extension feature will help out the user to search new pictures of the product, new information of the products etc. It will be more useful to get more information rather than just providing any other search engine. The chrome extension on the pin will help to search in Google, which is the best.

Make More Use of Pinwords

pinterest pins for blog marketing

Making use of the pinwords attracts the user the most. In Pinterest, pinwords can be written. Write some interesting quotes about the product to post. Pinwords is the handy and most awesome tool, which can be used for blog marketing.

Make up a Business Page

If you use pinterest early, you might use personal account for the business, so adding a business page or developing a business page will help you a lot in blog marketing. The business growth will be higher. Pinterest profile won’t look any different to other users, but you’ll get some built-in analytics to help you understand which of your pins are the most popular.

pinterest pins for blog marketing

These are the five things to create awesome Pinterest pins, which can help in blog marketing effectively.

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