9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Already Be Writing Blogs


Blogging is a tool that shouldn’t be left under-leveraged by any business in today’s digital age. After all, it is the single most effective tool for user engagement at a very low upfront cost. If as a business you are not blogging yet, you ought to start it right away or consider your business left behind by your competitors. Mentioned below are 9 strong reasons why your business should already be blogging.

  1. A blog is the simplest and very easy to use platform for sharing relevant information and connecting at regular basis with present and potential customers. It is the direct communication medium that is very much needed by your business.

  2. You don’t necessarily have to have a lot of technical knowledge or be a professional blog or web designer. There are many popular blogging platforms like Hubspot and WordPress that are simple to use, and are people friendly.

  3. The blogs that you write is the heart of all the efforts you put towards content marketing. It can easily be called as fodder for Twitter, email newsletters, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-books etc.

  4. When you write and share information you show your mettle and competency to your prospect customers and clients. Your blogs explain how much of an expert you are in your business area.

  5. Blogging is a lot of fun along with business promotion as it keeps you involved and engaged. In sometime you will start looking forward to the fun that you have while writing and sharing what you know.

  6. Blogging helps you shape up your content marketing strategies. You must create a pattern and follow to it strictly in order to increase user engagement through high quality and unique content.

  7. Writing consistent blogs of high quality increases the confidence and trust of the customers in you. They know if they are looking for related information they should look for you and eventually they end up buying from you and become a loyal customer.

  8. Blogging keeps you connected to the news, trends and knowledge about your industry. This way you go ahead of the competition as you are more equipped. After all, business is all about being a leader and not follower.

  9. It is cost effective to say the least. Every blog created on a regular basis may not fetch you immediate results but they definitely turn into long term assets in coming years. Blogs help you position your products and services in the market with a very strong foundation.