A Guide to Designing Your First WordPress Blog

Are you looking to begin a WordPress blog the correct way? We understand that beginning a blog can be an intimidating thought,particularly when you are not technically sound. We have chosen to develop the most comprehensive manual on how to begin a WordPress blog without any requirements of technical knowledge.

Topic of the Blog

Before we start with the practical techniques of building the best WordPress blog, you should be completely clear on exactly what you are going to be blogging about. If you are planning to start a blog for your already existing business, then it would be easier to choose the niche. For example, if your business offers courier services for eCommerce portals, you can choose logistics niche for your blog. This will be your site’s genre or niche, and understanding this first lets you build your blog that fits its purpose.

The Beginning

This first category is going to rapidly get you up to work on the basic investments, installation and setup that are required for a WordPress blog. Let’s begin with hosting, take a quick look at website names or ‘domain name’, and finally have WordPress installed to your website.

Create a Contact Form

Every website requires a contact form. It enables your users to contact you directly. Because WordPress does not offer you a built-in contact form, you are going to need a WordPress form builder plugin to install a contact form to your site.

SetUp Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to see the number of people who are looking in on your blog, where they come from, and what they do on your website.

It is a great choice to install Google Analytics right when starting a blog, so that you can see the growth of your blog over time.

Search Engine Optimization

Maximum beginners do not optimize for SEO while building a blog. SEO or search engine optimization enables users to find your blog in results from search engine queries. If you desire more traffic, then it’s important that you optimize the blog for SEO right at the very beginning.

Monetize the Blog

After you have created a blog and personalized it according to your preference, you are probably thinking about actually making money from your blog.

There are several varied methods to successfully monetize a blog. However, it needs to be noted that there is nothing like a get rich quick strategy.

You Are Ready

You are now equipped with all of the features you require to create an outstanding WordPress blog. WordPress is fairly scalable, so no matter where your blog brings you next, WordPress has the potential to come with you. WordPress also keeps improving all of the time, so keep an eye for upgrades, and you are all done!

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