What’s Your A to Z of Domaining?

A to Z of Domains

Despite the month end madness, I sneaked in an hour to approve 400+ pending requests to join our Desi Bloggers World Facebook Group and I even wiped out fake profiles and we’re now 2000+ Members finally on FB, and about 1000+ across WhatsApp groups.

As I see all the Bloggers playing A B C D, we published a post on A B C of Blogging at Desi Bloggers World, and even the response on FB group had been really cool.

BTW, I have been on a mission to collect a domain starting with each English Alphabet from A to Z (recently bought .top, .rocks, .guide, .fyi and what not), and as I was recently going through list of Donuts Domains, I just witnessed this hilarious aggressive brand bidding from Godaddy!

So, far, I’ve got these in my kitty

A for .Agency
B for .biz
C for .com .co .co.in .club .co.uk – well there’s no dearth of choices
D for .Desi
E for .Expert
F for .Fyi
G for .Gallery
H for .Holdings
I for .in & .international
J for .Jewelry
K for .Kitchen
L for .Life

M for .Marketing & .Me
N for .Network
O for < >
P for .Plus
Q for < >
R for .Recipes
S for .Solutions
T for .Top & .Today
U for .University (need to buy)
V for .Ventures
W for .World
X for < > – don’t want .XXX
Y for < >
Z for .Zone

So what’s your A to Z of Domains? Drop in your witty comments – i’m all ears!!!