Hey guys, welcome to Bloggers World – the ultimate community for bloggers to come together & learn how to grow their blog traffic, monetisation levels, and a whole lot more.

My name is Om Thoke, some of you know me through Facebook, some through my blog, OmThoke.com or as web hosting guide of About.com or Managing Director of Webfosys Group or CEO of Shore Tech Kuwait or Regional Director of APAC of Ascendant Media Group or the new Brand Ambassador of .Desi domains or new co-owner of DealsStreet.com and CashbacksDeals.com Hostings.biz or any of my other popular blogs.

I’m trying to build this community of bloggers to help all of you achieve your goals faster. This will be totally unique and freemium concept – I’ll help you make money and once you start making $1/day/blog extra through us, we’ll keep a small subscription fee; initial beta version is free for first 33 bloggers in each city and I’ll help you drive 333 hits/day and generate $1/day/blog.

Right from finding the right keywords to getting content done to link building and getting them ranked we’ll help you with everything. I will give exclusive deals up to 90% off on hosting new gGtlds like .Desi etc – I don’t want to work like the so-called gurus showing you screenshots of my $xx,xxx a month earnings, but at any time point if anyone wants to verify my credentials I’m happy to share details privately.

Through affiliate marketing, I’ve generated over a million dollars over past 3 years & Adsense we do five figures monthly revenues, but there was a time when we were doing $100k+ and panda penguin wiped out our 93% revenues and there have been many ups and downs throughout the journey of 11 yr since dec 2005. I’d be sharing some of my learnings & a few tricks of blog monetisation during this meet-up. I’ve been recently appointed as the Indian Community Brand Ambassador of Dot Desi domains, one of the promising upcoming new GLTDs, which resonates to the local folks, and I’d be sharing a few good case studies around .desi domains and how to use them (and grab one at the lowest possible price) effectively.

For those of you who’ve any misconceptions about me, I’m NOT a one-man army. We currently manage 3000+ blogs for own clients, though we own only around 15% of them, so let alone 300, no one can even properly handle 30 blogs and monetise them single-handedly – we’ve a team and a system and Webfosys Group globally employs around 127 people at this point (full time on payroll or contract or consultancy basis) and clocks group turnover of nearly $3M globally, and we’ve got presence in Bangalore Ahmedabad BBSR, Kuwait, US, UK Singapore and now in the process of expanding to Dubai Netherlands and Brazil over next 3 years and dream of doing an IPO by 2020.

I’ve started investing small amounts of money in startups (not qualified to be called angel in western terms yet) and working as principal consultant at shore international, an angel investment firm in Kuwait, looking to take indian startups to Middle Eastern market.

I mentor a few startups currently and hold equity in 17 and currently trying to build and for startup owners I’m building Startups World to help foster entrepreneurship alongside Bloggers World for promoting blogging in india, and Kuwait Startups for Kuwait, Dubai, and other parts of Asia.

In a nutshell, from my learnings I can just say perseverance pays off and ‘never give up’ attitude will take you a long way, whether you take up blogging or anything else in life.

Happy Blogging and I hope you’ll start making that one extra dollar per day per blog soon enough with our help and I’d advise everyone to focus on one thing at a time – trying to do too many things too quickly in life can be sometimes dangerous!

If you’re an aspiring blogger come and learn how to monetise your blog and replacement your full-time salary as a professional blogger, and if you’ve been generating at least Rs 1 lakh/month, I invite you to come and share your experience with the community.