Auto Gear Cars in India below 5 lakhs: KW Idea for March 9

All you awesome bloggers, sorry I had been away, and as some of you might know we started doing aggressive webinars and that’s when I decided to pause “keyword idea of the day” posts, and we started doing a series of community discussions, off-line meets, webinars, and plenty of things, and it’s been one hell of a month, and now we’re pass the 1M per month traffic mark already, thanks to all the social love, and referral traffic showered by the community members.

We had clocked 700k+ hits last month, and looking at the pace at which community is growing, I realised that I need to resume the “keyword idea of the day” posts since i’m literally swamped with pings from newbies, trying to get started with blogging, and here’s the keyword idea for March 8, and it’s a classic example of a low competition keyword.

Although this keyword doesn’t have 1000+ search volume it has just 7 DQR and if you join a race of 7, and become the 8th, you can only be 8th – all you need to do is to get your page indexed, and build a few links here and there to go through Google dance and get stable page 1 ranking.

This is the kind of keyword that noobs should start targeting. And, I’d request all the new Bloggers World readers to take up the challenge of finding a keyword that has single digit DQR, and some search volume (no matter whether search vol is 400 500 600 or 1000+, but at least 300+ so that there are min 10 searches a day for the keyword)

Update March 24, 2020 – I’m surprised nobody took action and built a blog around this, despite this being posted 3 years ago, and me giving this example LIVE at couple of meetups and conferences, and updates stats are as follows!

Searches – 880/mo
DQR – 295
CPC – $0.04 (it has dipped due to the whole slowdown in automotive sector, and Corona virus outbreak)

  1. yakin 5 years ago

    Hi Om

    How much is exact search volume for this “Auto Gear Cars in India below 5 lakhs” ?



    • Om Thoke 5 years ago

      Yes – after my previous session, the comp might have increased 🙂

  2. morshed 5 years ago

    thats nice and cool post .
    thanks for posting this post..

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