Avoid These Top Four Blogging Mistakes


Blogging is a process through which one can promote the ideas of their product or promote their business. Writing a blog is not simply like writing an article. It should be catchy. If you want to do that, you must avoid these four blogging mistakes. The content must be more informative, but not directly promotional. The promotional tone should not be directly obvious to the readers, but rather it should be passively shown. This kind of the article is the best way of blogging. Here are four common blogging mistakes that should be avoided.

Not Setting up the Purpose

You must set up a purpose for blogging. You should first decide what the purpose of your blogging is. Is your blog informational? Does your blog really help in product promotions? Is it entertainment oriented? All these things must be kept in mind. You must be keen on drawing traffic and get the audience to visit your blog more often. This can be done only if your article is purely relevant and good. The purpose plays an important role in case of blogging.

Inconsistent Posting

Posting consistently is a difficult task. But readers expect more and more new fresh content. It’s not something like you post once in a week and leave it as it is. You must spend few hours at least on a daily basis and post relevant articles. Even one or two per day would do! If not, the audience will drop out of the website and eventually your blog will fail, so there must be consistent posting of articles.

Writing Irrelevant Content

There are many bloggers who randomly pick up articles and post on their blog. Most of them search for content in Google and copy it directly without even checking whether it’s relevant and just post. This certainly won’t work and there is a high chance that readers will not show interest in such posts and won’t visit the blog again. If you steal the article from any other blog, then there will be copyright issue for sure. So, keep this in mind and write you own relevant articles.

Random Format

There are some articles with random formats for different headings. This is the worst thing for any blogger to do. The format must be simple. For instance, headings must be bold and bit larger than article body. This must be kept in mind before blogging.

Avoid these common mistakes to enjoy success in your blogging endeavors.