Best Google Fonts for Blogging

Google Fonts have a treasure of beautiful fonts that you can easily download and use for free. You must be thinking why we are talking about fonts. Why is it so important to write a whole article on it? We don’t realise how important fonts can be and we underestimate them considering them just as a font. Different fonts can signify different mood, different importance and can even used to change the entire narrative of the article.

There are literally thousands of fonts to choose from.This might get you confused.That is why we are here to list some of the best ones out there.

  1. Roboto

Roboto is one of the most downloaded fonts. It has a geometric, still familiar design to it. It is highly appreciated by professionals as it is well-suited for professional work. Having a natural and smooth tone to it really helps the font to be quite readable.

  1. Merriweather

Merriweather is an amazingly designed font, which has an edgy flare to it. It is a serif font that serves the purpose of being easy on eyes while being read. It is perfect for blog and other informal writing scenarios.

  1. Lobster

Lobster font is a mix of ancient writing style with modern flare and ease of reading. It is a very display-friendly font with all the letters having their own variations. It is great for heading, newspaper titles or quoting.

  1. Indie Flower

In recent times, we have seen an increase in use of handwriting-like fonts. These fonts can connect on a deeper level with customer. Indie Flower is one of the most famous handwriting fonts out there, which delivers carefree and smooth read.

  1. Inconsolata

This font falls under the realm of monospace font. The letters in this font provides equal gap between each other and has a bit of boxy feel to it. Thus, it provides a coder feel to it and is perfect for any tech writings and is indeed popular among techies.

  1. Oswald

This font is a cross between Sans-Serif and Gothic styling. It is created from old fonts being reshaped for the modern world. it is highly popular among WP users because of it is so easy to read and understand.

  1. Open Sans

This font is one of the friendliest out there by Google. It has a neutral feel to it and you will feel as if you are already familiar with this font. It is quite popular among media houses and print media due to it being so easy to read.

This was our list of top Google fonts out there for blogging. We hope you learned something new and informative from this article. We believe these fonts will surely step your writing game up and help you to understand how important it can be to use proper font at times.

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