Evolution of Desi Bloggers World BWU & Blogging Plus

Bloggers World Blore Meetup 7

As Webfosys Group turns 8 on March 27, 2017, it’s time to make a few changes to the group and here’s what’s gonna’ happen before our marketplace launch.

We had a nice Bangalore Bloggers Meetup yesterday at Commune Coworks, and I enjoyed catching up with lot of you folks.

Bloggers World Community & Webinars Group will be for free learning discussions & weekly webinars.

We’ll be using Blogging Plus FB Group for advanced stuff and Plus Level Membership (NOT suitable for newbies, and i’ll soon be clearing out those who don’t even have a blog from that group) – I’ve taken a DA 20+ domain for the same – blogging-plus.com (which will be back live with revamped contents) and you can contribute guest posts for free links!

We’ll have Desi Bloggers World Group for Blogger of the Week/month showcase and other things on Bloggers.Desi

Our markerplace beta will be free for sellers for 2 months as we empanel them, and if they generate enough business, then fees will start from 3rd month – obviously it’ll always be free for buyers.

As promised, this community will always remain free, but as it’s obvious, extra goodies & services can’t be given for free, so for those who always want GroupBuy and advanced learning/tools and other stuff, we’ll have various membership levels, which people can choose on basis of things they need (more details to be posted shortly) and even if we call Shri Narendra Modi, Bill Gates or Jordan Belfort, we’ll never charge for any kinda’ training in lifetime, but other things can’t come for free (such as services & products) 🙂

Lastly, we’ll NOT want this group to be a place to share pirated stuff, so we’ll refrain from sharing cracked themes, cracked software, pirated courses, e-books, because tomorrow when some of you go ahead and do all the hard-work and launch your own products on JVZoo and other places (like Sumit Ghosh and some of the guys here) it feels bad to see people pirating it.

We’ll make a separate WhatsApp Group for learning community, where any inactive member will be removed after 8-10 days of non-participation.

I’ll be building Female Bloggers World FB Group & WhatsApp group along with sep sub-domain female.bloggers.world soon as promised too.

We’ll soon have a kickass workshop in each city over the next 9 months of 2017 from April onward, and we’ll grow Desi Bloggers World as the biggest free community to learn good stuff and I request you to refrain from paying even a penny of your hard-earned money on stupid courses or paid coaching.

However, if there’s someone who’s giving you private classes at his office/residence and doing offline efforts, then respect his time, and pay him if you really feel he’s adding value to your life/business, otherwise don’t crib or ask people – simply say NO to paid training!

Note: I’ll be releasing my e-book soon, but i’m in dilemma – I don’t want to give it for free so that cheapsters may unnecessarily download rehash my contents and story and then use it, but at the same time, i don’t want to charge bloggers – any ideas/suggestions welcome 🙂

I’ll soon be bringing another CPA super-star who has seen 6 figure/night in his life, but doesn’t like to talk much about himself, so i’ll appreciate if you don’t bug him with any stupid personal questions, and i’ll be personally visiting him to host the webinar live from his place during second week of April.

We’ll be finalising Webinars for April shortly, and cleanup the group.

Our pop traffic service will be live soon from tomo @ $999 per 1M hits – PM me or email to om@webfosys.asia for details – min order size for testing $99 for 100k.

We hope to cross the 2M impressions mark in March on Bloggers World & Bloggers Desi (though we already have 2.1M impressions in last 30 days) and grow heavily in April, as we start pushing Startups World too.

Keep growing your blogging empire $100 at a time 🙂

With lots of love and good wishes for your blogging success.

– Your Host & Dost

– Always High on Traffic & $$$$$

Om Thoke (also stay connected to my personal FB page, Instagram & Twitter)