Difference between SEO Content Writing and Natural Content Writing


Some people say that SEO content writing is different from normal content writing, and it is true to some level. A few things that are common between the two kinds of writings are both the SEO content and normal content require good grammar in addition to presenting entertaining, relevant, informative, and thoroughly researched content.

However, the main difference between SEO and normal content is that the normal content need not be centred on keywords to optimize the page for search engines, but SEO content is very much based on keywords and its density.

Technically, the purpose of SEO content writing is to enhance your webpage rankings on the search engines, so that your website will be listed on top by the search engines when users browse for something.

The use of right keywords in the content will make search engines to determine whether to offer priority to your content and list them on top of the SERPs. As most of the people tend to search websites that are listed on the first page of the search results, the chances of getting more traffic to your websites will be more if you follow SEO content writing methods.

Every company and business people know that the best technique to make people buy their goods and services is to make them notice their existence in other places too. When people recommend or discuss something, other people might become curious to buy the same product too. The internet might be a good way for marketing your products or services in a delicate way without obliging the reader to buy something.

When you write content following SEO writing techniques, you must see that the content is informative, relevant, and reliable. SEO content writing is not just about usage of keywords; it is more about effective usage of keywords in the content that is reader oriented.

At first, you need to be aware of what a good SEO article appears like. You should know what type of content you need to write. There are many companies that write SEO articles and they tell that the average words to be used in a SEO article should be around 400 to 600 words. The keyword density will be based on the content. According to SEO rules, a blog or web page with 500 words should have 2.5% -4% keyword density, which means a 500 word SEO article should contain 12 to 22 keywords.

SEO content writing is hard and so you should hire a professional writer, who can help you to know the complexities in SEO content writing.