Five Proven Strategies to Increase Your Blog Traffic

A blog is one of the most powerful means of sharing your story, post, and suggestions with anyone. It is also the perfect place to create your brand and prove yourself as an expert in your subject. This being said, investing too much time creating content for your blog may be quite disappointing, just to see very few people read it. If you ask any blogger, they’ll tell you honestly why writing a quality blog is too challenging,especially when it doesn’t get as much traffic as they’d expected. These actions will make one want to give up.

You’ll draw more organic traffic to your blog if you adopt the correct tactics and enjoy the benefits. If you want more readers to read your blog posts and remain on your blog for longer, these are the top 5 strategies you should use:

  1. Write Great Content

Search engines like Google prefer to offer fresh content a higher priority. Other than that, if the visitors keep seeing the same material, then they would be less likely to return to your blog. Through posting your blog every week, you are more likely to get the attention of search engines. You’ll also improve your organic traffic, and if more people are reading your blog’s high-quality content, they’ll consider you as more of an industry expert. Therefore, they would be encouraged to continue to come back and ultimately become regular guests.

  1. Utilize Social Media Network

When you write a new blog article, leverage social media to attract more readers to the text. You will have an account on any of the major social networks; share links to your most recent post on these networks with your friends and followers. Now, there are several other active public social media networks.This doesn’t mean you really should have a presence on all of them. Remember and connect with the community through social networks they are most active on.

  1. Create an Email List

Your email subscriber list would be the regular primary source of the traffic to your blog. The truth is that very few people revisit a blog until they subscribe to the blog. Whenever anyone subscribes to your email list, they permit you to continue sending them your content. So when you write a new post on your blog, you can send an email to your list directly and let them know to provide them with a connection to read the article.

  1. Blog Commenting & Guest Posting

An engaging comment on a blog is an ideal way to attract traffic to your site. This also lets you create relationships with other bloggers. Guest posting helps attract more regular readers. Maintaining a high-quality guest-post quality on your blog is essential. Forum marketing is also an excellent way to get high-quality traffic. Guest posting works better when you’re writing guest articles for blogs that attract more traffic than yours. Installing the Alexa Toolbar on your web browser is a fast way to check if a blog is receiving more traffic than yours.

  1. Post More Frequently

One perfect approach to increase traffic to your blog is actually to increase the frequency of posting on the blog. Once you have written 1-2 new items a month, increasing the rate to 1-2 new posts a week. When you post 1-2 per week, increase the amount to 3-4.

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