Get Your Dot Desi Domain & Flaunt Your Name.Desi Blog domain

Fellow members of Bloggers World, this isn’t a paid guest post or any sort of blatant promotion about dot desi domains, but rather something that all the members would find quite interesting.

We know that all of you have multiple blogs (most of you), and many of you crave to have a brandable personal portfolio site too, but often lose interest because you never find your desired or .com domain at the first place.

For instance, I’ve some serious in finding any extension of my name – is obviously worth six figures in dollars, hasn’t been released yet, and even when it does, i’m sure its value would be sky-high, and same with, leaving me no options but to check out other choices in the market such as .world .pro .guru, but sadly, I couldn’t find anything at all.

And, whatever premium options are available, cost min Rs 9000, and even renewals would cost me the same amount of money, so it’s not even matter of a one-time premium, but anyway Om.any TLD is a super-premium so let’s leave my case, and look at some other generic popular names.

Now, and all other popular extensions are already taken and currently being sold as a premium name in the aftermarket, making it impossible for someone named Shahrukh to build his personal portfolio without burning holes in his pockets.

However, last month, it just so happened that one of our fellow members, Saif, ended up buying and when he told me he got, I went “WOW” – that’s a super premium name – how on earth did you get that?

Forget .net .in, even is a premium domain currently listed on GoDaddy for Rs 80,000+

And, that’s when it struck me that for Indians, .desi is a super-cool option to build a personal blog, portfolio website or to showcase anything without spending a fortune on domain name.

Even during the giveaways, we had some fantastic names being acquired, and I recently acquired to build an e-commerce portal to sell unique t-shirt designs, and likewise to build a desi fashion portal, and would soon start working on in a partnership model, and I see that the potential of .desi domains is really huge for development.

Of course, just the domain names alone don’t have high value yet, but it’s just matter of a year or two, before they start floating in aftermarkets, and gain recognition, and demand would soar up.

Can Dot Desi Domains Rank High?

For those who have the slightest doubts on the SEO front, and wondering if dot desi domains can be easily ranked on page 1 of Google, well my answer is a straightforward yes – and over the coming weeks, I’m going to showcase some case studies of .desi domains being ranked for keywords that i’ve given as keyword ideas of the day.

And, as icing on the cake, Dot Desi domains’ registry owners have been kind enough to give a special offer exclusively to & WhatsApp members and blog readers to grab a dot desi domain for just Rs 199.

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Even for starting another blog, you can grab a cool domain like for just Rs 199, which can be developed and sold for super-premium price 1-2 years down the line with some cool traffic stats to a big fashion brand, perhaps for $200k+ quite easily.

Enjoy the discounted prices till Jan 31, 2017 or till we get the first 100 registrations through this coupon code!

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