Happy New Year 2017 to the Blogging Fraternity


Bloggers World wishes all the bloggers a very happy & prosperous New Year 2017!

We hope that you were able to achieve your targets for 2016, and you’d be able to grow your income manifolds in 2017.

We’re launching our services for buying & selling links, content, and we’d be organising more local meetups, and webinars in 2017 to help bloggers grow aggressively.

What’s more, Bloggers.Desi launch is just around the corner, and we gave away over $1000 worth of goodies, including domain names, hosting, content, links, and much more as part of New Year celebrations, and that’s just the beginning.

So, stay connected to Bloggers.world & Bloggers.Desi & keep growing your blogging income in 2017, $100 at a time!

First day of the New Year is the best time to kick-start 2017 with a bang – so do write your first blog post today!

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