How to Get Google AdSense Approval for Your New Blog?

Google AdSense Approval

One of the best Ad networks till now, which is best for monetizing a website or a blog, is none other than Google AdSense. It has been proved that it is the best when compared to all other CPC advertisers. Do you know what CTR is? Click Though Rate is the number of times advertisements clicked by the number of times advertisement page is viewed. So, Google AdSense increases the CTR for the publishers of every web page. As a new blogger, you must decide to monetize your blog with AdSense. Listed below are some points to look for how to get Google AdSense approval for your new blog.

There are certain things you have to keep in mind for getting your blog to be approved by the Google AdSense.

  • Post High-Grade Content on Your Blog

It is not good that you post plagiarised content on your blog. You should be pretty sure about what you are writing. A normal blog post has 500- 600 words limit. Don’t make it too lengthy. Otherwise, you’ll never get traffic. Google AdSense will not approve your blog if you write plagiarised content.

  • Index Your Website in Google

This should also be taken care if you want blog approval from Google AdSense. Before going to further points, just make sure that you have indexed your website in Google. Suppose, you search for your website and it is not showing, then you can manually do with Webmaster.

  • Rank Higher Using SEO

After writing high-grade content, you have to rank your posts in Google. The higher you rank, there are more chances of getting approved by Google AdSense. You can use meta titles with description tags. That will help you a lot. As Google AdSense has so many websites, which need to be approved, they use crawler bots to see your website.

  • Include Important Pages

The must-have pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Sitemap – all these should be included in your blog. In the about us page, you can write about your blog, some paragraphs and just share your feelings. Contact Us form will help the visitors to get in touch with you. If you’re using WordPress, then install the sitemap plugin and also publish the privacy policy. Don’t forget to add the footer and header in your blog.

  • Make Your Blog Look Professional

Use simple themes so that your users find it easy to read. Add a clear navigation menu so that the readers can easily find the important pages of your blog. The design, pictures and colours – all should be in combination and should not be like hotchpotch. No user would like it at all. They find it difficult to read the content. Google AdSense will also take a look to your website.

The above-listed points on how to get Google AdSense approval for your new blog will help you to get the desired results.

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