How to Use Blogger Outreach for Link Building?

You must have definitely seen Instagram influencers promoting some sort of products. Have you ever wondered what they are getting out of this? Why are they promoting it? Why do big companies reach out to these influencers to promote their brand? Well, this what is called blogger outreach or influencer outreach. Blogger outreach is a kind of marketing where you take advantage of someone’s massive fanbase to promote your own business or blog. Let’s have an in-depth view of the inner working of blogger outreach and how it helps in link building.

You all must be knowing some kind of Instagram influencer or YouTube content maker who has massive followers. In the same way, we have leaders in blogging world too who have a huge reader base and a great daily traffic in their daily blogs. Now if you are able to guest post in their blog, imagine the kind of traffic you will be receiving.

But Why Backlinks Though?

The simple definition of backlink is that whenever a link from someone else’s website points to your blog,backlinks can benefit you and your blog to great extent.If the credibility of the site is high, then your ranking will definitely skyrocket.

But easy as it may seem, backlink is a game of patience and constant effort. You won’t see the result overnight but if everything is done right all that wait will be worth it.

How to Reach Out to a Blogger?

Now there are different ways of doing so. There are some simple methods and some quirky ones too. All you need to do is explore all of them till you get the desired result. Some of them are:

  • Blog Directories– There are a lot of blog directories available in the market and you can explore among them and find a blogger that has made it and has similar niche.
  • Comments on Blog– It may sound silly, but it works. Usually, people who comment on a blog are bloggers, so you can reach out to them most of the time asking for a collab.
  • Spy SEO Tools– These tools help you to get an insight into what your competitors are up to. If they are getting good traffic, then they must be doing something that you are not.
  • Use Google-What better than Google! Right? A simple search can do wonders in Google. So, just google about your niche and you’ll easily find out about some famous bloggers in that particular niche.

How to Connect to the Blogger?

It is very good for you to build a good relationship with the blogger. And here is how to do it-

  • Get to Know Them-

You have to understand their style and research about them for hours in order to really get to know the person. You have to find out different aspects of their work like- what kind of content they post more, what kind of content their audience like more and various other aspects.

  • Communicate Nicely-

You need to be very careful with the communication as communication is the basic foundation of any relationship. You need to communicate, reply and converse with them in a timely manner.

  • Start Linking Them First-

This is a very strategic move because by constantly creating links for them, you are creating a kind of lineage as they will realize at some point of time that they owe you a guest post. The same thing goes with social media.

Tips for Great Backlinks

Now that you have found out the right person and connected with them well, now is the time to really shine out. You need to create some quality back links and here’s how to do it-

  • Create One Content and Tag Many-

When you add an expert to your content, they provide you some kind of content from their side or a side note kind of thing. Whatever your format may be, you can always reach out to several experts for their remarks or a dedicated chapter of their own. Now in return, some of them would expect money not when a mere link is not enough and that is completely fine.

  • Create a Great Guest Post-

As the name suggests, it is what it seems like. It is a great way to promote your blog as you now have huge audience base that can benefit your blog overnight. But in order to achieve that, you need to create a great content for your guest post because in the end if your content is crap, you won’t be seeing much growth. You have to dig in a bit to find out what kind of content is appreciated by the blogger’s website. And after all that research, you have to post; don’t forget to post a link of your own website (obviously).

Study the Outcome

Now that you have done everything that you could have done,it is now time to sit and analyse the results of your hard work. All these efforts were made for a single purpose of generating more traffic and in the end of the day if you are not getting much of it then all you have achieved is some new friends over internet. In order to study the result, head over to Google Analytics and you will be able to see all the stats related to your guest post.

Now just looking at it won’t make you any better than ever. If you are lacking in some aspect, then you will have to find out the cause and work on it and google analytics will help you to do. so.

So, this was all we had in our bag to tell you regarding blogger outreach. We hope you’ll learn something new and informative out of this post and will apply these principles and tips to take your blog to a whole new level. Always remember this is a game of patience and constant efforts and in the end everything will be worth it.

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