How to Write an Awesome Blog Post?

When you’re new to blogging, you’re undoubtedly running in your brain a million suggestions. You want to talk about anything that’s interesting. But if you really want people to click on your website and read your article, then you need to follow these guidelines to write an awesome blog post that will attract tons of readers.

Catchy Headline

 A good blog post is about one topic, one feeling, and one story. Always find out what you want to talk about before you continue blogging. Healthy titles are unique, entertaining and concise. It must tempt the reader to click on the button. That is what the followers see first and the only one if you don’t get it right. Take the time to craft a brilliant headline.

Captivating Lead Paragraph

The lead paragraph gives the first impression of your blog. Your opening sentence is critical when it comes to the Internet where people’s ranges of focus are much more constrained than for paper. Don’t blow them up. If you don’t attract your readers straight away, you’ll lose them forever. Start with a quotation, a challenge or an audacious, bold declaration. You’ve got one shot. Let it work.

Keyword Research

If you want to get attention to the posts you’re writing regularly, users need to be able to find it on Google. How are you going to get in traffic if you write stuff people don’t even check for? Developing a solid marketing plan based on rigorous keyword analysis is crucial if you really want to monetize your blog. You would spare yourself lots of time and money from writing material that no one reads if you begin doing this from the start.

In-Depth Articles

Google is more likely to rate you higher in search results nowadays if you publish complete, detailed articles. If you want to write an awesome pillar material, keep it long. Don’t write fluff to make your post longer. As in everything, quality matters more than quantity. For that you need to do research before writing and then only you can come up with better in-depth content for your blog.


A single picture has the ability to make a dull post a lot more enjoyable. What you can’t say in words could only be achieved with one picture or a screenshot. In fact, it removes the dullness of words and gives the reader a stimulating visual break, keeping them focused for longer.

SEO Optimization

You’re skipping a move if you think you know how to write a decent blog post but it doesn’t get any traffic. To have a lot of readers in your blog, you need to even out your SEO. For this, you will add the main keyword, add a title with the keywords and add an SEO title and meta summary as well. The photos in your article need to be designed properly too. Be sure they are the right size before you post them, and have concise names.

Compelling Call-To-Action

Until you can persuade your visitors to take action at the site, your post can not be considered a good one. What will be your call to action? You could ask the readers to register for your email newsletter, add a comment or share your post on social media. It’s best to adhere to one CTA so that your followers don’t get confused. Place yourself in the readers ‘ shoes and find your CTA convincing.

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