Keyword Idea for Dec 19 – Shopping Niche


Dear Bloggers, apologies for not being able to post keywords ideas for past couple of days, as I was in Kuwait, and i didn’t have time to even upload any tutorials and about a dozen posts that i churned out during last week.

So, without further ado, let’s start with keyword idea for Dec 19 – today i’m selecting something different, which can be used for affiliate marketing as well as MFA (Made for Adsense) blogs.

what to buy with 50 dollars – 390 US searches – $0.43 CPC, and 3980 SEO Compt DQR

This is a lucrative keyword no matter whether you’ve an affiliate blog for gifts, targeting X-mas & New Year fever, or a generic affiliate site with deals on electronic goods and smartphones or just a Made for Adsense blog with casual blog posts about shopping ideas under 50 bucks.

So, go ahead and target this nice keyword as your latest blog post, and make a few quick bucks before 2016 comes to an end!