Keyword Idea of the Day – Dec 11 2016

keyword idea of the day

Hey folks, I know many of you have been waiting for keyword idea of the day for Dec 11, after I published that case study on HTC Butterfly price & the keyword ideas for Dec 10

I know that keyword was more suitable for blogging plus rather than Bloggers World, and it’s my bad that few of the newbies ended up picking it for a fresh blog with DA 1, and landed only on page 3 instead of page 1, and will now have to build more links to make their way to #1, and probably even if someone starts targeting in on an authority site today, will probably outrank the newbies who picked it on Dec 10 when i published it.

So, without further ado, this time, I’m gonna give you a keyword that you can rank even on a freshly registered domain with literally no content and no existing backlinks.

Keyword Idea of the Day – “HTC X9 SpecS”

It has 880 searches, and just 550 results in double quotes when you Google it.

And, that makes it perfect fit even to be targeted on a brand new tech blog – only good content of 500+ words, strong on-page SEO, backlinks from profiles, social bookmarks, and just couple of web 2.0 should easily push it to Page 1 of Google with great ease.

So, go ahead guys, and rock it!