Keyword Idea of the Day – Dec 16

keyword idea of the day

All you lovely bloggers, who have been following me on social media &, and over 100+, who’ve been an active part of, not to mention the daily readers who have been anxiously waiting for “keyword idea of the day” (I should probably start calling night instead of the day, because i’ve been regularly updating the site only around midnight!), I’m really thankful for all your support, and apologies for being unable to publish them yesterday, but I hope that the earlier KW set of 4 keywords for Dec 12 & 13, & Dec 14 & 15 would have kept you busy for past 36 hours, and I’m soon going to start diversifying across all niches.

Yesterday i had a really long day, since I had to fly to Kuwait this morning, and I returned home around 12 30 midnight, packed my bags, and had a quick sleep of around 3 hours, got up @ 5, and quickly rushed to the airport, and you can read about my first experience with Oman in my latest blog post.

So, without further ado, here’s what we have for Dec 16 for Gadget niche –

cool cheap gadgets – 1900 Searches per month – 3940 DQR – SEO Competition – $0.55

And, if you take a look at the screenshot, there are a few other cool keywords with low competition and decent search volumes, which I’m not listing out in detail, but you can do a few quick searches to find their DQR, and target them as well.

So, once again I’d like to point out that there’s no such thing as “High Competition Niche” – it’s only the competition level of keywords rather than the niche, and you can find gems out there in literally any niche under the sun, pick up those keywords and get them ranked in matter of couple of weeks or a month at the most.

Happy Blogging & once again it was nice to hear +ve feedback from Agraj in Whatsapp Group of of his recent success of ranking a keyword on #8 within a week’s time following my DRQ < 1000 technique.
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