Keyword Ideas for Dec 12 & 13: Insurance Niche

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Looking at the response to keyword ideas posted on Dec 10 & 11, and the enthusiasm of all you Bloggers World readers, I decided to take up the challenge given by one of you to find keywords in insurance niche, which we all know, is highly competitive and kinda’ saturated.

But, guess what, it took me only around 90 seconds to find this set of 3 cool keyword ideas for Dec 12 & 13.

“how much does dog insurance cost” – 480 searches $5.5 CPC – 3830 SEO Competition – DQR

“what does pet insurance cover” – about 110 searches – just 900 odd SEO competition – DQR

“pet insurance pre-existing conditions” – 260 searches – $6 CPC – 4670 SEO competition – DQR

Put together, they stand at around 900 searches, avg CPC of $3+

If you have an established blog, you can target “is pet insurance worth it” – 2400 searches – 13k SEO compt – DQR

If any of you pick up these keywords, and get them ranked, do drop in your comments – remember in a matter of few days, you’ll see the DA of this blog sky-rocket, Alexa come down to under 99,999 and probably 9999 in India, and then those links would become valuable – so don’t wait until then because we’re publishing awesome tutorials daily, and we’ll soon be starting “Blog of the Week”, and nominations are already open on our Bloggers World WhatsApp & FB group already for this week.

Alright then, see you soon!