7 Things to Remember While Promoting Your Blog via Facebook Pages & Groups


Promoting your blog via Facebook page and groups can be a lucrative option to drive traffic, and it can work like a charm for driving conversions on affiliate campaigns such as movie tickets, event tickets, fashion apparels, accessories, and hot deals on power banks, mobile phones, recharge offers etc.

So, I’ve just created an example to show how to promote your blog posts effectively on FB pages & groups.

7 Things to Remember

1. Always keep the text short & add our link shortened through bitly.com so that we can track # of clicks coming to it like i’ve done on latest post of https://www.facebook.com/DriveSuvs

2. Always add an image in every alt post so that you’ll be able to tag people from pseudo profiles, which you can’t if you just share the default preview.

3. Use appropriate hashtags in each post, and keep tagging relevant FB pages, and not just friend profiles.

4. Once you publish a story on your page, add at least 1 line or few words while sharing it on a group.

5. Keep sharing interesting news from popular sites and not just your website posts

6. Keep inviting new people to like you page every day & keep joining 1-2 relevant groups.

7. Monitor weekly reach of the post each week to ensure that # of likes & weekly reach is growing

By the way, www.drivesuvs.com used to be one of my top earning blogs, which had crashed after the Penguin update, and I was feeling nostalgic so i’ve set it up again today & hoping to take it back to $100+ a month level by end of January, and hopefully to higher levels in 2017.

Here is one of the old Adsense account earning screenshots – I’m reviving my other 2 car blogs www.latestuatoreviews.com & www.latestcarpictures.com today as well 🙂

Lot more is coming in December as you’ll watch me build Bloggers.world, Bloggers.desi, Startups.world, and revive some of my old blogs, and launch 100s of fresh ones.

So, stay tuned, stay motivated & keep blogging – dont’ forget to submit your entries to get featured under ‘Blogger of the Week’ & ‘Blog of the Week’ columns.