How to Create WordPress Blog with Siteground Hosting: Tutorial for Newbies


Every blogger today knows how to create WordPress blogs. It’s become a basic necessity to avoid the intricacies of coding, unless you’re a professional developer.

For new bloggers who are not aware of how to create one, this guide will take you through the easy process of setting up WordPress blogs.

The Best Hosting Provider

To start with, you need to select a hosting provider who can host your new WordPress blog efficiently without any downtime issues. Look for a hosting provider with 99.9% uptime in real time.

SiteGround would be our top recommendation for new bloggers, thanks to its powerful security features and great customer support.


The best aspects of choosing SiteGround are:

  • Integration with CloudFlare for enhanced security and performance
  • Customers can select server locations
  • Automatic back-ups
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Remarkable support materials

The unique customer support offered by SiteGround makes it a very strong consideration for new webmasters and small businesses.

Set Up Your Hosting Account

Setting up a SiteGround hosting account is a breeze. Without breaking a sweat, you can monotonously follow the on-screen instructions:

  • Navigate to the home page of SiteGround and click on the Web Hosting tab.


  • Select the kind of hosting you need (Shared, Dedicated or Cloud).


  • Compare the various hosting plans available and assess what best suits your needs.


  • Select the right hosting plan for your requirements and click on ‘Onder Now’.


  • Enter your new or existing domain name and click on ‘Proceed’.

step-3 pay

  • Fill in your account details, contact information, purchase details, and payment details. Click on ‘Pay Now’.
  • Complete the payment so that your hosting account becomes active and your domain gets hosted soon.

That completes that setup of your SiteGround hosting account!

Set Up WordPress on SiteGround

Once your hosting account is registered, setting up WordPress on SiteGround is very easy. Here are the steps to be followed.

  • Login to your SiteGround hosting account and go to the Control Panel.


  • Under auto-installer, look for WordPress and click on it.


  • Configure your WordPress installation for the respective blog here. Select the protocol and domain. Choose the directory where you want to install WordPress.


  • Now you have to configure your sign-in details like username and password.


  • Once done, select the option ‘Install’ and within few minutes your WordPress blog will be installed.


Finally, you will now get a confirmation screen following which you can login and start creating content for your new WordPress blog on SiteGround.

If you haven’t tried Siteground hosting, after reading through this tutorial, we’re sure you’d like to give it a try. Even if you own a Startup business, we recommend Siteground hosting to host a business website.

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