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The Best 5 Blogging Platforms in 2020

Blogging Platforms

Do you want to start a blog of your own, but are notable to figure out the way to select the best platform for blogging? It’s a difficult choice because there are various blogging platforms out there. How is it possible to find out the perfect platform to suit all your needs?Through this article, we hope to help you to select the most viable blogging platforms by discussing the pros as well as the cons of the most famous blogging sites. is a vital tool that is sufficient for everyone from budding writers right up to successful bloggers. The more skilled you are technically, the more you can reap out of the platform. For absolutely amateur bloggers or those who are looking for a not so hands-on, time-intensive affair, there are better alternatives. We will talk you through one next.


Weebly has to be one of the best-rated blog website creators. It’s absolutely perfect if you’re searching for a fast and easy strategy to create a website and start a blog online. However, if you are hoping to build a more long-lasting blog full of features, Weebly may often feel restricting. Despite that, upgrading to a more advanced plan opens up more functionality.


Gator is a website creator and blogging platform built by HostGator, Gator gives you a drag & drop blog platform op feature that you can use to create any kind of website ranging between blogs, business sites, and also an online store.In case you are searching for a non-WordPress blog platform offering all-in-one services and hosting solution, then Gator is your perfect choice.


Blogger is a blogging service offered by Google free of charge. It gives you a fast and easy way to build a blog for users who are not very tech-savvy.Blogger stands as one of the earliest platforms for blogging in presence. It was initially founded in 1999 by Pyra Labs. After that in 2003, Google took over Blogger and recreated it as the site we use today.A Google account is all you need to set the ball rolling for a blog on Blogger.


Started in 2012, Medium has thrived into a cosmopolitan community of writers, bloggers, journalists, as well as experts. It is really easy-to-use as a blogging platform with restricted social networking elements.Medium works greatly like a social networking platform where one can create an account and get to publishing articles. Post the process of sign up, you’ll be given a profile address. However, you cannot create your own domain.

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