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The Top 5 Blogging Platforms in 2020

Are you looking to start your own blog, but find difficulty to choose the perfect blogging platforms? It is quite confusing to choose which one is the best. The fame of blogging continues whether one gets profit from it or not. People start blogging to make their presence and voice over the web. Afterall, blogging is considered as the ‘next big thing’. There are so many blogs, which are personal and some are corporate websites. For blogging,the perfect platform is needed. A good platform takes care of everything starting from content formatting with suitable images and videos to getting the perfect framework to post on the website. Listed below are the top 5 blogging platforms in 2020.


The best point of this platform is its simplicity. It is ideal for a mobile platform. We have Tumblr as a platform, which doesn’t make any difference between different blogs. It has more than 450 million blogs. The centre of attention of Tumblr is that it makes the content part more concise and shorter with other media items like images, jokes, quips, and videos. You can follow other blogs and republish the post on your blog.


To know about Typepad as a blogging platform, you can go for free trial. It provides free trial for new users so that they can easily know how it works and understand the working. You can post or publish any article or content from your email, a web browser or even from a mobile phone. It has its own affiliate plans that easily integrates with Google Analytics. It has all-time support and it is also a fully hosted platform.


If you want to know the perfect description and example of this blogging platform, just refer to the people who have started blogging. Blogger is the first blogging platform, which is offered by Google. If you have a Google account, then you also have a Blogger account. It provides you with an extension while you publish any blog. And all these things are free. You know that it is a Google-offered platform, which means it will also include Google Analytics to keep an eye on the visitors to your blog.


WordPress is a Turnkey blogging solution for bloggers. It is popular platform, which is used to claim near about 30% of the websites, which surely offers a balanced environment between easy to access and powerful actions. It also takes care of everything from the domain name purchase to the security. You can make changes to its looks as it has so many themes and you can easily change the font style and layout of your posts. If you’re running a store, then it provides with a credit card plugin for making your payments.


This blogging platform is free of cost and has all the advanced features in it. All you need is have knowledge of Ruby. Whatever content you write for posting, it gets saved in TXT format and placed in the folders. Then you have to build your site using the Liquid Language templates provided in it. After that, it combines the written content with the template you chose and gets uploaded to the server. The only con is that it is difficult for newbies as it requires knowledge of Ruby.

The above listed top 5 blogging platforms in 2020 will help you achieve your desired result.

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