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Top 20 Q&A Sites of 2020

Question and answer portals are the most trusted and authentic organic sites. They can boost your Dofollow backlinks. In such sites, the queries are resolved by answering the questions provided you have profound knowledge about what is asked in the question. The correct answer will certainly enhance and upgrade the traffic to your site. If the readers find your answer to be accurate, relevant and useful, they would visit your sites through the link you provide. They’ll further share your answers with others and hence increase traffic. So, by using them, you can get a good amount of traffic to your website or blog.

Through Q&A sites, you would get an opportunity to be a part of the largest communities in your industry/niche. By doing so, it becomes easy for you to know your customer and their liking/disliking, and hence they become easily targetable. This is what is highly essential to expand your business.

If you want to increase the organic traffic to your website or blog, then the high authority question & answer sites will be beneficial for your website or your blog. If you have decided to post answers in the Q&A sites, then here’s one tip for you: whatever answer you’re submitting for a particular question, do not include any spam links; you have to answer the question very carefully and it should be error-free. If you’re using images, then it should be relevant to the question.

To help you through finding the best Q&A sites, here’s our listing of the top 20 Q&A Sites of 2020.

  1. Answers-
  2. StackExchange-
  3. Quora-
  4. Ask Fm-
  5. SuperUser-
  6. ResearchGate-
  7. AskUbuntu-
  8. SitePoint-
  9. Yahoo Answers-
  10. LetsDiskuss-
  11. Ask Me Help Desk-
  12. StackOverflow-
  13. QuesAnswer-
  14. ProProfsDiscuss-
  15. LinkedIn-
  16. Rediff-
  17. GotQuestions-
  18. Reddit-
  19. WebMd-
  20. TheAnswerBank-

Q&A websites, which have been listed above, would definitely render you a helping hand in getting a big amount of quality referral traffic to your site. Register on any of these for a great experience.

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