Top 4 Blogging Trends in 2020

Blogging has experienced a change in recent years, and in order to remain in the competition of blogging trends, we need to create entertaining and compelling content to keep audiences intrigued. Recent times have made blogging a full-time commitment and gainful career. Looking at blogging trends in years to come, it’s just about doing what things seem to be going to continue to be relevant than introducing whole new stuff. Trends in blogging are all about understanding what works and building on those points.

Let’s look at top 4 blogging trends in 2020

  1. More Video Content

Although written content still provides a great way to connect with your audience, don’t underestimate the power of video.Lately, video content has been gaining popularity in the blogging community. Video content is the type of content that consumers consume thoroughly.

  1. Using Long-Form Content

Long-form content includes at least 1200 words. It all depends on the quality you include in the content. The trick is not to add some fluff to actually make long-form material worthy. You will keep users longer on your page because they will usually have to read through the whole article to find what they’re searching for. Moreover, long-form content depicts search engines you know about your content. Do not just create content that is long-form without context. It has to be very well-written, structured, and readable, irrespective of length. So try to get it over the 1500-word mark the next time you sit down to write a post.

  1. Reply to Comments

When you allow comments on your blog, then clearly you want your visitors to engage by posting comments after reading. When you leave your visitors unanswered it is inappropriate and you risk losing them visiting your blog. It’s like presenting a speech to a group of people, and not answering the audience’s comments and questions. As one of the 2020 blogging tips, always reply to comments from your users. Even if the reply is uninformative or ambiguous, respond with respect. Recognition of your users would be a great influence on the rating of your blog.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing, like video, is an effective tool. You can keep your visitors getting back and forth, through building a mailing list. Building a mailing list is cheap and simple. Incentivize people to sign up by providing customers a free download, or by sending insightful, interactive emails.

All these trends are beneficial when performed correctly. Not only do they attract users to your blog but they can keep them coming back repeatedly.

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