Top 5 Blogging Trends in 2020

Blogs are extremely strong lead generators as we have the trend of social media and Google where people might not speak regarding brands on a regular basis but they do at least a dozen searches a day, post feasible stories with their friends, and discuss trends topics. Effective blogging needs three criteria to be concentrated on good content, frequent publishing, and good post design.

What Is a Blog?

The blog is a virtual platform in which someone logs in or publishes about personal thoughts, activities, and beliefs. Blogging has changed over the years.Now in 2020, we have blogs about any topic that we can think of.  It was quite easy earlier as there was not that much competition, but now everyone is aware of what blogging can do.People are taking blogging seriously and planning on having a full-time blogging profession.

The Ruling Trends

Well, if you’re thinking about starting a blog or would like to consider the blogging options, then you’ll need to follow these 5 blogging trends in 2020 to build a good blog.

  • Word Count

We now see the long form, content-packed posts ranging from 1000 to 5000 words in length becoming successful because of the heavy traffic volume they generate. Although it demands longer sitting and more attention, long-form blog posts are insightful and reward readers with valuable material of high quality. The times of keyword stuffing in a 1,000-word post are pretty much gone – now, Google is optimizing its search engine to provide more detailed and meaningful content for users.

  • Relevant Content

Content marketing needs the brands to first provide freely — before asking their readers for anything in return. Businesses intending to do SEO and web marketing have to produce and encourage useful content more than ever. Brands would have to work with consumers and psychographic targeting to tailor content to suit the widest possible audience.

  • Promoting Content

It is great to create outstanding content, but it is not all. You have to get your content reach out in public so as to get noticed and start your content marketing. In order to get traffic to the blog, you need to promote it; now we have different ways of promotions. It could be through social media, link building or email marketing. The more frequently you bring your content out, the more people it will reach.

  • Mobile-Friendly

Current trends suggest blog posts viewed on a mobile device are projected to be organized in quick, simple-to-read formats with bite-sized chapters so that people could read posts anywhere where they want. This may be either during lunch break, traveling home after work or during the waiting time.

  • More Interactive Content

The interactivity boosts interaction and the hope is that many more brands will hop on the platform in 2020. Interactive content may represent something that can entail the viewer in the article. Nowadays we see adding more videos to the post really helps.

In the end, it is just how more you involve your reader in the blog.If they feel valued as a consumer, then it will result in more viewership of the blog.

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