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Top 5 Tools To Brainstorm Blogging Ideas

brainstorm blogging ideas

‘Writers’ block’ is real; whoever says it’s not hasn’t experienced it. Your blog could die if you don’t recover from it. Let us look at some ways you can follow to brainstorm blogging ideas.

Google Trends and Google Correlate

Google Trends is popular and most often used to compare trends between two domains. It is like a reference point for one’s interest. You could also use it to research trends that have hit popularity recently.

Just like Google Trends, Google Correlate is also a good tool. If you’re not aware of it, be sure to use it – it can be your new best friend. The best example of two things working perfectly together can be seen between Google Trends and Google Correlate.

When used side by side, you cannot just see what is of your interest online but also shows data associated with a specific keyword. Google Correlate is rarely spoken about despite it being an amazing tool. However, we think that’s because it’s a secret weapon several content writers possess and don’t wish to reveal.

Moz Open Site Explorer(OSE)

It is a paid experience, but OSE allows one to do a few free searches every day. Do not underestimate this as these searches may be the key to several ground-breaking blog ideas. Moreover, it allows users to analyse the SEO strength of your website. Use the ‘Just Discovered’tab to find the most recent articles. These pages have been noted by Google and can rank for keywords.

Ahrefs Content Explorer

Ahrefs is a powerful tool for all sorts of SEO and competitor research. It’s a diverse asset that has elements of both Google Trends and OSE. You can search for just a term and it will give you the most important recent content. You can also search a domain for its highest performing pages. One key difference between Ahrefs and other tools is that you can sort by the number of backlinks a page has received or the total amount of traffic. It’s very technical and usually used by SEO savvy writers.


You must have heard of Ahrefs. BuzzSumo is like a social media version of it. You could search for practically anything and it would give information based on it on social media. This, too, is a paid service, but you can do a few free searches daily. Moreover, it has impeccable sorting abilities. You can filter the information based on language and date, thus making your searching experience easier. You can also search for interviews, infographics, blog posts, etc. individually. They have archived several social media shares too.

Google Alerts

While you’re breaking your head over new blog ideas, Google Alerts could be an effective tactic. You could set up alerts on email to keep a check on your competitors’ activity. If they are featured in an interview, make sure you are aware of it. You could even set up alerts for your company and your employees if you get mentioned. Thus, you gain a blog without any real effort.

As mentioned above, there are several tools to find new blog ideas – some even free. Make sure to make the most out of them.

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