Keyword Ideas for Jan 2 – Washing Machine Lowest Price in India


As most of you have been eagerly waiting for keyword ideas in New Year, here’s the latest one for Jan 2, and this time, it’s not me who has researched it, but it comes through courtesy of Saharsh, a fellow member of Bloggers World.

“washing machine lowest price” – Search Volume : 1k to 10k – DQR – 8700 results

“washing machine lowest price in india” – approx 1k searches – 2850 results – this is an add-on from my side, to supplement what Saharsh had researched and also shared in PTI group earlier today.

I had seen all kinds of word war happening over this keyword, with few bloggers mentioning that this doesn’t have a clear buying intent, thus making it a poor choice for affiliate marketing.

Well, while I certainly believe that the first isn’t the ideal choice for an affiliate campaign, i strongly feel that it can drive fair amount of traffic to your web page about “washing machine lowest price in India” (my version), and if you’re target audience is indeed searching for lowest price, they can certainly be shown relevant ads, and best offers on washing machines

Now, if you’re still skeptical you can give it a pass definitely, but I think my version of the keyword can still be ranked for an Amazon affiliate micro-niche site, and it can drive some sales for sure, if you can get your site ranked for this keyword within top 5 results of 1st Page of Google.

So go ahead and build a few quick high DA profile backlinks to your latest post, and promote it on social media to see if this keyword idea can be ranked over next 1 week and kickstart 2017 on a high note!