WordPress.Com or WordPress.Org: Which Is Better for Your Blog?

The most important difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org is related to the actual host of your website.

  • With org, you host your own site.
  • With com, it’s the site itself that takes care of everything for you.

Presently, hosting sites like Bluehost or SiteGround are just as easy to begin with as WordPress.com, more cost effective and offer more liberty.

When to Use WordPress.org?

WordPress.org needs to be set up with a hosting provider. In maximum situations, this is an easy one-click set-up and is pretty simple.As a matter of fact, if you buy your domain name from a hosting provider, you won’t even need to stress about changing DNSs. That will be readily done for you!

Also, WordPress.org offers much better customization alternatives. You’re allowed to install plugins, make use of custom website themes and do almost anything you desire with your site.

When to Use WordPress.com?

Speaking of WordPress.com, you can live without any stress about buying hosting or taking care of your site. It may also be free, although there are options for paid plans as well.The free plan restricts you to 3GB of data and a subdomain, including WordPress.com ads.

Similarly, you will not be able to establish your own “plugins” or “themes” until you pay for the really costly business plan. Plugins and themes stand as one of the most helpful features of the WordPress software since they make it simple to personalize your site.

WordPress.org Benefits

  • org is free, open-source, and really simple to use.
  • You own the website as well as its data. Your site cannot be taken down because someone thinks that it violates their terms of service. You are in complete control.
  • You can utilize personalization features in your website design as required. You may add any free or paid WordPress theme that you prefer. You may also create absolutely customized designs or change anything that you don’t like.
  • You can monetize your WordPress site by operating your own ads. You don’t have to share revenue with anyone.

WordPress.com Benefits

  • The free WordPress.com site is a great choice for bloggers who pursue the business as a hobby and those looking to start a blog for their family.
  • It’s free till 3GB of space. Post that you must shift to a paid plan for in increased space.
  • There is no need for you to stress regarding updates or backups. WordPress.com readily takes care of all that.

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