Xmas Giveaway – Free Dot Desi Domain for Bloggers


Dear Bloggers, apologies for not being able to post keywords ideas for past one week, as I was in Kuwait, and I didn’t have time to even catch breath, and I had been little sick after coming back due to weather changes.

But, I promise to make this Xmas exciting for all the bloggers, and we’re just 24 hours away from the launch of www.bloggers.desi, where many more exciting giveaways would be coming over the next one week, as we celebrate New Year in style.

So, without further ado, let’s start with the next giveaway.

This time, the rule is even simpler – all you need to do is to comment any .desi domain of your choice – if it’s NOT classified as a premium domain (you could visit http://bit.ly/2i5AV5o to check availability & confirm if it’s regular or premium)

Just drop in your comment, and if you’re the first one to comment with a valid dot desi non-premium available name, then you simply get it for free!

So, go ahead and grab your free .desi domain NOW – it’s completely your choice – who knows you might end up grabbing something worth hundreds or thousands of dollars for FREE!

Update: Looking at the enthusiasm of you lovely bloggers, we’ve extended this to the first 5 entries instead of the first one, courtesy Bloggers World & Bloggers Desi